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Asq Me Anything



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The ultimate social card game

Discover the Ultimate Icebreaker Card Game. With 500 connection cards for adults, lighthearted icebreakers, and deep conversation starters. Perfect for dinner parties, pregames, game night, date night, and more. Create connections, laughter, and lasting memories with our versatile relationship building activity. Elevate your social experiences today!

ASK ME ANYTHING is a fun, provocative and simple card game that asks questions that will get you out of your comfort zone and allows for engaging and even outrageous conversation. Get to know family, friends and acquaintances on a deeper and more intimate level. Yo

Featuring 500 thought-provoking questions in 5 categories, you’ll never have to worry about the conversation running dry. For even more fun, add a bit of liquid courage to help break the ice! ASK ME ANYTHING is the perfect game for your next party, tailgate, or just a night in with friends—no question about it!


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