“Creating this game has been one of the most fulfilling experiences. Seeing others sharing meaningful, fun and interesting experiences provided by interesting and provocative questions was my goal in creating this game. I set out to solve a problem that I, and many others, were having. I wanted to develop a game that will allow people to get out of their comfort zone, while really connecting with each other in a relaxed, enjoyable and familiar environment. This game does the work for you in that it gets people engaged in hilarious, thoughtful and occasionally outrageous conversation. With Ask Me Anything, I am proud to deliver a game that truly allows people to connect with each other.

I hope you will enjoy playing Ask Me Anything with your friends, family, and just about anyone as much as I have since developing the game. I look forward to continuing to provide you with additional questions and more fun games and content very soon.”.

Young entrepreneur Elizabeth Fox wanted to find a game that was different than anything currently on the market, particularly with the growing millennial population. With Ask Me Anything she has done just that. Ask Me Anything is the most creative, provocative and engaging card market available anywhere.

What’s even more important this is the first in a line of games that Elizabeth is working on and getting ready to introduce to consumers worldwide.